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Accenture Invests in Humanoid Robot

by Marco van der Hoeven

Accenture has made a strategic investment in Sanctuary AI through Accenture Ventures. This collaboration is aimed at enhancing the capabilities of humanoid general-purpose robots in the workforce. Sanctuary AI, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, specializes in the development of robots that integrate artificial intelligence. These robots are designed to perform a diverse range of tasks with efficiency and safety, potentially addressing labor shortages in various industries.

Joe Lui, Accenture’s global lead for advanced automation and robotics, emphasized the importance of AI-powered humanoid robots in modernizing work environments and supporting human workers. Sanctuary AI’s technology, which features advanced AI platforms, enables robots to adapt to new tasks with precision in a short period. These developments have significant implications for sectors like manufacturing, retail, and logistics warehousing, where such robots could work alongside human employees, enhancing productivity and automating tasks beyond the scope of traditional robotics.

A notable innovation from Sanctuary AI is their general-purpose robot named Phoenix. Phoenix has demonstrated its versatility by executing over 100 different tasks at a retail store in Langley, BC, Canada. This includes tasks requiring intricate manipulation and dexterity, such as selecting, packing, and correctly folding merchandise. Phoenix operates on Sanctuary AI’s AI control system, Carbon™, which simulates human brain subsystems including memory and sensory processing, and is capable of translating natural language into actionable tasks.

Geordie Rose, CEO and co-founder of Sanctuary AI, highlighted the transformative potential of robots with human-like intelligence in reshaping future workforces. The synergy between Accenture’s technological expertise and Sanctuary AI’s advancements in robotics aims to support major companies in managing this transition effectively.

Accenture’s recent “Technology Vision 2024” report underscores the importance of integrating technology in a human-centric manner. This approach ensures responsible and fair use of technology, a principle that Sanctuary AI upholds by incorporating Explainable AI in the Phoenix robot. This feature enables the robot’s actions to be audited and understood.

Furthermore, Accenture has a history of investing in robotics, including collaborations with Mujin in Japan and acquisitions of Eclipse Automation in Canada and Pollux in Brazil. Sanctuary AI joins Accenture Ventures’ Project Spotlight, a program connecting emerging tech startups with Accenture’s global client base, aiming to bridge innovation gaps and unlock new opportunities. This collaboration extends Accenture’s capabilities in automation and robotics, marking a significant step in the integration of AI-powered humanoid robots in various industries.

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