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FulcrumAir robots can operate on energized distribution lines

by Pieter Werner

FulcrumAir announce that it can now install Bird Flight Diverters on energized distribution lines. This is done utilizing its E2500HP drone slinging the Mini LineFly. This is the culmination of extensive testing with one of their  customers, ATCO, in testing yards and on energized lines within their extensive network with input from ATCO’s wildlife specialists, engineers and work methods subject matter experts.

This capability greatly enhances flexibility for our customers by no longer requiring them to plan around electrical outages – more lines can be marked with Bird Flight Diverters faster allowing ESG and wildlife mitigation obligations to be met more effectively and efficiently. In addition to now being able to install BFD’s on energized distribution lines, the rate in which we are installing BFD’s on transmission shield wires is greatly accelerating.

The E2500HP is one of the world’s highest-performing heavy lifting UAS. In addition to its other tasks, it slings the Mini LineFly with ease, installing up to 350 BFD’s per day per crew.

FulcrumAir sees a future where many of the tasks performed in a high wire environment will be done with robotic tools. We partner with major component manufacturers to develop robot installation methods for some of the most commonly used fittings in the powerline industry. Development is underway and new robotic tools will be introduced in the second half of 2022. Additionally other robotic tools are in the early planning stages. All of these inventions will have applicability for maintenance of the existing powerline network and to assist in new builds.

All the design and engineering work is done in Calgary, Canada by our engineers. To date, we have invested over 35,000 hours into research, design, engineering, testing, and evaluation. This work is continuing at an accelerated pace, with over 10,000 additional R&D hours invested annually. Operational offices are in Calgary and Wellington, Colorado.

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