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UiPath Forward: the first announcenments

by Pieter Werner

UiPath at its FORWARD 5 global user conference unveiled its latest platform updates. It also presented use cases by companies such as Orange Spain, Puma North America, State Auto, and Vodacom.

New UiPath platform features that will be generally available soon include:

New developer capabilities for next-gen business apps: For developers, UiPath Studio Web, a browser-based automation development tool, makes the power of automation creation available to cross-platform users and makes it easier to distribute automation at scale in an organization. This release includes new capabilities to simplify the creation of public-facing processes and apps for customer service and value chain scenarios to streamline customer experiences. In addition, UiPath offers a connection builder to simplify API connection to both in-house applications and specialized industry solutions and greatly expand the automations and apps developers can build.

Continuous discovery without boundaries: Continuous discovery helps customers discover the as-is state of processes and tasks, take action to optimize them, and continuously monitor them for ongoing improvement to achieve desired business outcomes. Upgrades include:

  • Automation Hub with ROI comparisons between estimated benefits and actual outcomes, enabling users to learn from successes and replicate them
  • Process Mining with high scalability, improved performance, and new analytics for better process insights
  • Task Mining with a new assisted mode that delivers a more complete view by allowing process experts to supplement their own knowledge with AI discovery

Enhanced platform intelligence: new features allow customers to automate an increasing number of business processes. In this release, the acquisition of Re:infer adds Communications Mining to the platform to unlock the value of the massive amounts of communications data generated by a business each day. Organizations can analyze emails, documents, chat logs, social messages, and more to create actionable business data and new opportunities for automation. New native support in Document Understanding for bank and financial statements and common supply chain documents like packing lists broadens automation use cases. AI Computer Vision is upgraded to easily read new types of dynamic screen content such as scrolling tables on the web and in apps.

Enterprise-grade advancements in Automation Cloud™ and Automation Suite: Automation Cloud is supported for delayed enterprise releases that allow for more testing time, and site-to-site VPN support in Automation Cloud Robots to allow robots to automate systems and data that reside in private clouds. New security and compliance features include IP range restriction and customer-managed keys. For customers that self-host, Automation Suite includes new updates for Process Mining and Serverless robots, plus new enterprise capabilities such as Active-Active High Availability/Disaster Recovery support and lower resource requirements when starting with just one or a few services.

The UiPath Business Automation Platform upgrades will be generally available to customers beginning Oct. 31, 2022.

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