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Geekplus Claims 5 Million Totes Picked by Robot

by Pieter Werner

Geekplus has announced that its Goods-to-Person robots have picked 5 million totes globally through 170 deployments of its RoboShuttle Tote-to-Person and Shelf-to-Person PopPick solutions. These solutions are part of the company’s broader Goods-to-Person offerings. To date, Geekplus has sold over 40,000 robots worldwide, making it the only mobile robotics provider with a modular suite of goods-to-person robots customizable to customer needs.

Lit Fung, head of international business at Geekplus, noted that the increase in demand for their tote solutions highlights the necessity for automation in modern order fulfillment. He explained that third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and retailers use the Tote-to-Person system to optimize vertical warehouse storage, while the PopPick system offers a fully automated picking solution.

The Tote-to-Person system employs two robots: one that stores totes up to 40 feet high in the aisles, and a smaller robot that quickly delivers these totes to picking stations. This system combines high-density storage for small- and medium-sized goods with efficient order fulfillment. The PopPick system enhances the Shelf-to-Person solution by storing totes on movable racks and using an automated picking station, which is particularly beneficial for e-commerce scenarios.

In the United States, notable PopPick customers include Soccer.com, UPS, and Orgill. North America hosts the largest deployment of the Tote-to-Person system, used by a 3PL for cross-border e-commerce solutions in the Midwest. Recent European implementations include a Tote-to-Person system for an Italian pharmaceutical and cosmetics e-commerce warehouse, which distributes around 2 million items daily through 3,000 pharmacies and an online platform. Additional European deployments include a PopPick system for a pharmaceutical manufacturer in the Nordics and a fast-fashion retailer in Poland.

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