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Robotics cluster launches in Cumbria

by Pieter Werner

The Cumbria Robotics Cluster has been launched to advance robotics technology, particularly in nuclear decommissioning, through a collaborative initiative led by the Industrial Solutions Hub (iSH). The cluster aims to leverage Cumbria’s engineering capabilities to establish the region as a globally recognized center of excellence in robotics.

Inaugurated at the Harnessing Robotics and AI for Challenging Environments (HRAICE) event in Workington, the cluster brings together organizations such as Sellafield Ltd, Robotics and AI Collaboration (RAICo), the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, and various supply chain companies. This collaborative effort is expected to drive economic growth and technological innovation in the region.

The Cumbria Robotics Cluster was founded in March 2024 with the goal of fostering growth in the robotics sector through innovation and knowledge-sharing. Gary McKeating, Managing Director of iSH, emphasized the strategic importance of the cluster in consolidating Cumbria’s position in high-tech engineering solutions. By uniting the region’s top firms, the cluster aims to address industrial challenges through advanced robotics and attract further investment.

At the HRAICE event, iSH began collecting data on the region’s current robotics capabilities through a survey, which will help map out Cumbria’s position within the national and international robotics landscape. Kirsty Hewitson, Director of RAICo, highlighted the cluster’s potential for synergy and innovation among Cumbria’s robotics experts and industries.

The Cumbria Robotics Cluster will function as a cooperative network, facilitating collaboration among its members rather than operating as a commercial entity. It will also create sub-groups focused on specific areas of interest, providing platforms for detailed exploration and solution development. Regular events for knowledge sharing and networking will further support these efforts.

Members of the cluster will have access to shared knowledge and opportunities to collaborate on projects at both national and international levels. The cluster remains open to new members who are based in or work in Cumbria and are interested in contributing to and benefiting from its initiatives. Looking ahead, the Cumbria Robotics Cluster will focus on identifying growth targets and showcasing the region’s strengths both within the UK and internationally.

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