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GenAI in New Samsung Mobile

by Marco van der Hoeven

Samsung and Google Cloud have announced a collaboration that integrates Google Cloud’s generative AI technology into the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series. According to the announcement, Gemini Pro and Imagen 2, two AI-driven products from Google, are now accessible on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. Gemini Pro is designed to understand and combine various types of information, such as text, code, images, and videos.

This integration enables features like a summarization function in Samsung’s Notes, Voice Recorder, and Keyboard. Imagen 2, touted as Google DeepMind’s most advanced text-to-image technology, is also incorporated into the S24 series. This technology facilitates intuitive and accessible photo editing, with features available in the Generative Edit tool in the S24’s Gallery app.

Samsung has also revealed that they are among the first testers of Gemini Ultra, Google’s most powerful AI model for complex tasks. The S24 series also utilizes Gemini Nano, an on-device Language Model (LLM), provided as part of the Android 14 operating system, intended for efficient on-device tasks.

Additionally, the Galaxy S24 series introduces new AI enhancements, including improved speech and text translations and the Galaxy ProVisual Engine, which expands users’ creative possibilities. Features like Live Translate and Interpreter enable real-time speech and text translations, while Chat Assist aids in refining the tone of messages. Other AI-driven tools, such as Note Assist and Transcript Assist, support users in note-taking and transcription tasks.

In the realm of photography, the ProVisual Engine of the Galaxy S24 series offers AI tools that revolutionize photo capturing and editing. With the Quad Tele System and enhanced Nightography capabilities, users can produce high-quality photos and videos under various conditions. The Edit Suggestion and Generative Edit tools, powered by Galaxy AI, provide photo adjustment recommendations and creative editing options.


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