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German Bionic to showcase 360° human augmentation

by Pieter Werner

At Viva Technology in Paris, German Bionic will introduce its 360° digital human augmentation platform, which integrates Apogee and Apogee+ e-exoskeletons into a modular ecosystem. This system features human-machine interfaces, real-time analytics, and AI-driven assessments, all designed to be user-friendly and accessible.

The company aims to demonstrate the potential of these technologies not only in professional settings such as logistics and healthcare but also in everyday life, enhancing personal well-being and reducing physical strain.

The concept of human augmentation is increasingly seen as a tool for inclusivity, enabling a diverse range of individuals to perform physically demanding tasks. This is particularly relevant in fields traditionally dominated by men, such as logistics and manufacturing. German Bionic’s technologies provide practical solutions to challenges posed by demographic shifts and aging populations, aiming to sustain health and productivity.

Armin G. Schmidt, founder and CEO of German Bionic, emphasized the company’s vision of crafting technology that augments human abilities without compromising humanity. The Apogee series, which includes features like up to 66 lbs of support per lifting movement and active walking assistance, exemplifies this approach by improving the safety and efficiency of workers in various industries.

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