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Global Robot Expo: ‘Everything is connected’

The future of robotics is intelligent robotics

by Marco van der Hoeven

This week the future of robotics will be on show in Spain. At IFEMA Madrid a broad spectrum of technologies related to robotics will take center stage. Approximately 10.000 visitors will be informed about a trends in robotics. Compared to several years ago the main trend is the intelligent connection of these technologies. As CEO Enric Forner says: “The future of robotics is intelligent robotics.”

This year IFEMA in Madrid will host the sixth edition of the Global Robot Expo. This event is focused on industrial innovations, artificial intelligence and robotics. Technologies like Metaverse, Blockchain and IoT will be covered as well. “When we started the event the focus was on industrial robotics”, says Enric Forner, CEO van GR-EX/Global Robot Expo. “But now, six years later, we are seeing more integrated technologies, like smart mobility and artificial intelligence systems. 5G technology has been integrated in these machines as well, which enables collaboration. Everything is connected.”

This goes for all aspects of robotics, like the supply chain industry, where robotics expands beyond the Warehouse. Another trend is the growth of the number of drones equipped with artificial intelligence, that are able to manage tasks themselves, without an operator. Forner: “We think that this is the main trend in the development of robotics. The future of robotics is intelligent robotics.”


The Metaverse will feature at the show from an industrial point of view, with applications like digital twins, simulation and training of operators. “But we are also seeing that in the field of robotics you can manage physical robotics through the Metaverse . You can for example move robots with your hands in front of a camera with an avatar in the physical space. The Metaverse is a very new technology, but it’s very useful for the industry and for professional services. It has a large potential, and we want to be there early.”

The topics covered at Global Robot Expo are broad. There is an International Congress about artificial intelligence, and solutions on show not only cover physical robotics, but also business intelligence, robotics process automation (RPA) and healthcare. Visitors can get up to speed on autonomous robotics, surgery robotics and drones. And of course there are solutions for logistics, and smart mobility in cities. “We integrate all technologies related to robotics, because we want to give a wide insight of integration of robotics in the business. And we have a at least 30 startups that are going to show their projects, and maybe even attract investors. It is a great opportunity for companies that want to participate in them.”


The take-away for the approximately 10.000 visitors will be a wide vision om all of these technologies, says Forner. “How do these technologies work? How can they integrate it in their business? And if they are interested in developing some projects, which companies are partners? Or investors? It is an open community that is going to be there, we always see visitors are going to achieve very strong relations with other companies, and leave with good contacts.”

Within the broad range of solutions on show he is especially excited for artificial intelligence solutions, Metaverse technologies and Blockchain technologies, “I think these very new fields are very exciting, because of their growing potential, it’s huge. That is fascinating. And it is also important for us to help start- ups at the Startup Summit. Not just in Spain, but also in other countries in Europe.”

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