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Industrial robots get instructions wirelessly via 5G base stations

by Pieter Werner

China Unicom and Huawei have partnered with Exquisite Automotive Systems, a subsidiary of Great Wall Motor Co, to implement a 5G-Advanced flexible production line in Baoding, Hebei. In this new production line industrial robots work based on instructions wirelessly transmitted via 5G-Advanced indoor base stations.

The key feature of this production line is the utilization of 5G-Advanced networks to wirelessly control and operate industrial robots. This approach aims to overcome the limitations of traditional wired networks, which are often prone to wire abrasion leading to production downtime. The use of wireless networks is expected to reduce the average downtime, previously estimated at around 60 hours annually due to wire-related issues.

Yuan Zhanjiang, Deputy General Manager of EA’s Industry Intelligence Department, highlighted the deployment of 5G-Advanced technology in EA’s industrial Internet lab and its potential impact on commercial production lines. This technology is part of EA’s broader strategy to integrate digital technologies into their manufacturing processes.

Fan Ji’an, Chief Big Data Scientist of China Unicom, commented on the role of 5G-Advanced technology in industrial applications. According to Fan, the adoption of this technology is shifting from auxiliary to core production systems, indicating a broader trend in the manufacturing industry towards increased digitalization.

The initiative by China Unicom, Huawei, and Exquisite Automotive is part of a larger global movement towards the adoption of 5G-Advanced technology in various industries. Recently, 13 global operators, including China Unicom, have initiated the commercial deployment of 5G-Advanced networks, signaling a wider acceptance and application of this technology in different sectors.

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