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Robot restaurant launches in the US

by Pieter Werner

Remy Robotics has announced the launch of its operations in the United States, following a series of secret test runs in various global cities including Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, and New York City. The company, founded by engineer Yegór Traiman, specializes in robotic cooking technology and has been preparing meals through automated chefs in both retail and CloudKitchens locations.

The company’s expansion in the U.S. includes the introduction of its robot restaurant brand named Better Days. This new venture aims to provide meals that combine the affordability of fast food with the quality associated with full-service restaurants.

Remy Robotics’ technology employs AI and robotics to prepare a variety of dishes, such as salmon teriyaki and citrus chicken, without the need for human chefs. The system is designed to operate in a space as small as 200 square feet and does not require traditional kitchen ventilation systems.

In New York City, Remy Robotics claims to have secretly served over 100,000 meals, reportedly receiving high customer ratings. The company’s robots cook food using algorithmic recipes developed by a culinary engineering team, which account for factors like heat absorption and weight. Ingredients are prepped by human chefs, then finished by robots in node kitchens.

The Better Days brand, available through its app and various delivery services, offers meals like Lemon Dill Salmon, Butternut Squash Lasagna, and Citrus Herb Chicken. The brand’s focus is on providing consistent and affordable everyday meals.

Remy Robotics plans to extend its services and menu options to cater to a diverse clientele, including young professionals and families. The company also aims to reach underserved markets through both retail and delivery-only locations across the country.

CEO Yegór Traiman expressed that the company’s mission is to deliver high-quality food at an accessible price point, while also aiming to improve the working environment for chefs through its robotic technology.

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