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IPR Introduces Robot Tool Changer Series with FAULHABER Motor

by Pieter Werner

IPR (Intelligent Peripherals for Robots) has recently launched the TKX changer series, a new tool changing system for industrial robots, incorporating a motor developed by FAULHABER. This series aims to increase the flexibility of robots in manufacturing and logistics, enabling them to handle both large-scale productions and smaller series or individual items more effectively.

The TKX tool changer is designed to be attached to the end of a robotic arm. It can interchange various tools from a storage rack, allowing the robot to perform different tasks such as gripping, processing, and quality inspection with tools like contour sensors or cameras. This adaptability is crucial for tasks requiring customization or small batch sizes.

Traditionally, tool changing in industrial robots has often relied on pneumatic power transmission, which is known for handling heavy loads efficiently but involves substantial infrastructure like compressors and control systems. Pneumatics also pose challenges in environments where cleanliness and hygiene are critical, such as in microelectronics or food industries, due to the emission of compressed air.

In contrast, the TKX series utilizes electric drives, which are becoming more common due to their flexibility and lower infrastructure requirements. The electric drive in the TKX series, specifically a motor from FAULHABER’s BXT family, offers a high torque-to-weight ratio. This feature is particularly significant for the TKX series, which includes models like the TKE 300, capable of handling objects weighing up to 300 kilograms.

The TKX series offers a range of tool changers with different drive options – pneumatic, electric, and manual – on the same platform. This design allows for a wide variety of applications, from lightweight robots to stationary use, without the need for extensive retooling when changing drive types.

IPR’s selection of FAULHABER motors for the TKX series is based on their compact size and high power output, essential for the tool changer’s operation. The electric variants in the TKX series are available in seven sizes, capable of handling workpieces ranging from 3 to 300 kilograms, catering to a diverse range of industrial applications.

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