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Italian pharmaceutical chain implements Tote-to-Person

by Pieter Werner

Geek+, specializing in mobile robots and logistics solutions, has launched its first Tote-to-Person project in Italy for the pharmaceutical chain Dr. Max. This project, executed in collaboration with SSI Schaefer, marks the first deployment of Geek+’s Tote-to-Person solution in Italy.

The Tote-to-Person solution is part of Geek+’s Goods-to-Person suite, which integrates an 8-meter-high shuttle robot designed for vertical storage with a fulfillment robot for rapid picking. Similar implementations have already been executed by SSI Schaefer and Geek+ at several other Dr. Max locations in Europe.

Miguel Martins da Silva, Group Chief Supply Chain Officer at Dr. Max, highlighted the benefits of the mobile robots, noting their role in efficient product replenishment and optimized order processing. He also mentioned that the ergonomic workstations and user-friendly software reduce the workload for employees.

Dr. Max’s product range includes medications, health, and cosmetic products, posing significant logistical challenges. In 2023, the company experienced a 55 percent increase in e-commerce revenue, necessitating faster delivery times to customers across Italy, whether through home delivery or click-and-collect services.

The newly opened Dr. Max facility in Telgate is dedicated to e-commerce fulfillment for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, ensuring efficient operations and supporting the company’s growth strategy. This facility is set to handle both pharmacy deliveries and e-commerce orders over time.

Wayne Tai, channel partner manager for EMEA at Geek+, emphasized the flexibility of the system, which can be customized to meet changing requirements. He also pointed out that the replication of Geek+ solutions across Dr. Max facilities demonstrates the effectiveness of warehouse automation with mobile robots.

The e-commerce fulfillment center integrates several automation processes, from the automatic initiation of orders and picking directly into cartons to automated shipping preparation, including volume reduction and carton sealing.

Oleg Rak, project manager at SSI Schaefer, noted the importance of tailoring solutions to customer needs and the successful implementation of a sustainable concept for Dr. Max, which can be adapted to other sites in the future.

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