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Jacobi Robotics and Formic Team Up Configure Robotic Cells Using AI

by Marco van der Hoeven

Jacobi Robotics and Formic have announced a strategic partnership. Jacobi Robotics, providing AI-driven motion planning in robot systems, will integrate its technology with Formic’s Robotics as a Service (RaaS) products.

The partnership focuses initially on robotic palletizers, which are used for stacking cases onto pallets for storage or shipment. This area is critical, as over $400 billion worth of American trade is exported annually on pallets. The manual process of palletizing is not only physically demanding but also a significant contributor to worker compensation claims in manufacturing. This challenge, compounded by a labor shortage, has increased the demand for robotic palletizers.

The traditional deployment of robotic systems can take weeks or months. However, Jacobi’s AI-powered motion planning software is said to streamline this process, reducing deployment times to less than one day. This should increase operational efficiency, boasting a 20% rise in robot productivity and enhanced reliability in Formic’s range of robot solutions. The technology has already been implemented by U.S. manufacturers, and there are plans to extend its application to other use cases shortly.

This partnership also addresses the gap in automation adoption caused by the high costs and limited reliability of advanced robotic technology. By integrating Jacobi’s sophisticated software with Formic’s RaaS model, the collaboration aims to make advanced robotics more accessible and practical for a wider range of American manufacturers, thereby fostering innovation and growth in the U.S. industrial economy.

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