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Industry leaders in robotics adopt Isaac robotics platform

Boost for AI-enabled autonomous machines, including humanoid robots

by Pieter Werner

NVIDIA has announced that industry leaders in robotics, including BYD Electronics, Siemens, Teradyne Robotics, and Intrinsic, are adopting its NVIDIA Isaac robotics platform for the development and production of AI-enabled autonomous machines. The platform’s accelerated libraries, simulation technologies, and AI models are being integrated into software frameworks and robot models to enhance efficiency and safety in factories, warehouses, and distribution centers, while also serving as intelligent assistants for repetitive or precise tasks.

Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, emphasized the company’s commitment to advancing generative physical AI and expanding the NVIDIA robotics stack, which includes Omniverse for simulation, Project GR00T humanoid foundation models, and the Jetson Thor robotics computer.

The NVIDIA Isaac platform offers a variety of tools, such as:

– NVIDIA Isaac ROS: Modular ROS 2 packages for the ROS community developers.

– NVIDIA Isaac Perceptor: A workflow providing multi-camera, 3D surround-vision capabilities for autonomous mobile robots.

– NVIDIA Isaac Manipulator: A workflow for developing AI-enabled robot arms that can perceive and interact with their environments.

– NVIDIA Isaac Sim: An application for simulating, testing, and validating robots in physically based environments, utilizing the NVIDIA Omniverse platform.

– NVIDIA Isaac Lab: An application in Isaac Sim optimized for training AI robot foundation models.

Adopters of the Isaac platform span across Asia, Europe, and North America. Siemens is using Isaac Sim to enhance its software-in-the-loop capabilities, accelerating the development and testing of advanced robotics skills like SIMATIC Robot PickAI and SIMATIC Robot Pack AI. These tools enable industrial robots to autonomously perform tasks without prior training. Roland Busch, president and CEO of Siemens AG, highlighted the role of AI-powered robots in accelerating digital transformation and unlocking human potential for creative work.

Intrinsic, a subsidiary of Alphabet, has tested Isaac Manipulator in its robot-agnostic software platform, showcasing the potential for scalable robotic-grasping skills. Wendy Tan White, CEO of Intrinsic, praised the collaboration with NVIDIA and the impact on industrial robotics.

BYD Electronics, a subsidiary of BYD Group, is developing autonomous mobile robots using NVIDIA Isaac Sim and Isaac Perceptor, aiming to improve worker safety, reduce production costs, and enhance production intelligence. Chris Yotive, senior business development director of BYD Electronics, noted the focus on accelerating the deployment of logistics applications.

Teradyne Robotics companies, Universal Robots (UR) and Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), are integrating NVIDIA Isaac into their platforms to innovate in automation. Ujjwal Kumar, group president of Teradyne Robotics, underscored the importance of industry collaboration in addressing robotics challenges.

The modular nature of the NVIDIA Isaac platform allows companies to adopt individual technologies or integrate several together. Companies using Isaac Perceptor for autonomous mobile robots include ArcBest, Gideon, idealworks, and RGo Robotics. Those using Isaac Manipulator for robotic arms include Solomon, Techman Robot, Vention, and Yaskawa. Over 100 companies, such as Hexagon, Husqvarna Group, and MathWorks, are utilizing Isaac Sim for simulation and validation. Isaac Lab is being adopted by Agility, Boston Dynamics, Figure AI, Fourier Intelligence, and Sanctuary AI.

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