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JADS partners with ASML

by Pieter Werner

Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) and ASML signed an agreement to collaborate in the field of data science. The partnership brings together academic knowledge, world-class research, international talent and challenging industrial applications. The two partners will initially focus on thesis assignments from JADS students at ASML and a case study within the Data Entrepreneurship in Action program (DEIA).


Data science is becoming increasingly important for the semiconductor industry as a whole and for ASML’s technology in particular. ASML’s Big Data Analytics Innovation Lab, which collects and analyzes large volumes of corporate and machine data, shaped the partnership with JADS. Team leader Diederick Edel: “Collaboration is at the core of ASML’s culture and we’re stoked to partner with a top notch academic institution such as JADS. It gives us access to the latest academic knowledge and fresh perspectives from young talent, while also helping us develop the skills of our employees through professional education programs.”

Liesbeth Leijssen, Director Impact at JADS: “JADS and ASML are a perfect match. ASML is one of the world’s leading high-tech companies and a key player in the Brainport Eindhoven region. JADS, with a solid background in two universities, is a source of academic data science knowledge and international talent. With the domain knowledge and data sets that ASML brings to the table, the potential for interesting assignments for our students is enormous.”

The collaboration will kick off modestly with a JADS student who will start their thesis assignment at ASML in September. But there are already plenty of ideas for further collaboration, such as a tailored professional education programs, participating in career events and supporting startups. Liesbeth Leijssen: “With our shared vision about data science as a starting point, we are sure that this will be a long-lasting partnership that delivers value to both parties.”

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