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Kawasaki Heavy Industries uses AI platform for global supply chain

by Pieter Werner

project44, a supply chain visibility platform provider, announced its collaboration with Kawasaki Heavy Industries. This collaboration involves the adoption of project44’s supply chain visibility solution, Movement by project44, by Kawasaki Heavy Industries as part of their initiative to enhance global supply chain operations.

The decision for this collaboration comes as part of Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ digital transformation strategy. This strategy is particularly focused on its subsidiary, Kawasaki Motors, Ltd., and its Robot Business Division, both of which require improved supply chain visibility and data infrastructure to enhance operational efficiency across different regions.

Kawasaki Motors manages a wide-ranging global supply chain, with manufacturing facilities located in Japan, Asia, the Americas, and Europe. The company’s need for a robust solution capable of providing visibility for a large volume of container shipments annually was a key factor in their choice.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries sought a solution that could offer real-time data access from various carriers, ensuring multimodal visibility across different geographical regions and transportation modes. The ability to integrate with Kawasaki’s existing logistics systems, track shipments under the NVOCC’s House Bill of Lading, and offer substantial customer support globally were also important criteria.

The implementation of Movement by project44 is intended to serve as the first phase in transforming Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ global supply chain operations across its divisions. Shinichi Fujii, Senior Staff Officer of the Logistics Department at Kawasaki Motors, pointed out the challenges in operations due to the lack of centralized data management. He noted that the pandemic highlighted the importance of having comprehensive, real-time visibility data. project44’s solutions are expected to improve container tracking processes, enhance operation timeliness, and enable quicker identification and resolution of supply chain issues.

Yuji Kuwahara, General Manager and VP of Sales at project44 in Japan, commented on the collaboration, noting the comprehensive transportation data set provided by Movement by project44. This data set is designed to support the visibility needs of global logistics operations. The platform’s AI-driven features are aimed at extending beyond basic visibility, offering capabilities like workflow automation and insights to enhance supply chain efficiency.

The partnership with Kawasaki Heavy Industries is part of project44’s expansion in Japan, which began with the opening of its Tokyo office in 2022. This collaboration is indicative of project44’s growing presence in the region and its involvement with various global manufacturers and brands.

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