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Knightscope and Draganfly Integrate Drone and Robotic Security

by Marco van der Hoeven

Knightscope, developer in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence technology with a focus on public safety, has announced a Memorandum of Understanding with Draganfly, a company developing drone solutions and systems. The agreement aims to integrate Draganfly’s drone technology with Knightscope’s Autonomous Security Robot (ASR) technologies, creating a combined autonomous offering for public safety applications.

The integration of Draganfly’s drone technology into Knightscope’s portfolio is intended to enhance the capabilities of Knightscope’s existing security technologies, which include ground-based robots and stationary emergency communication devices. The addition of aerial surveillance is expected to augment the current ground-level surveillance provided by Knightscope’s robots.

According to the announcement, the integrated technology will allow for expanded surveillance capabilities in public safety operations. This includes the possibility of providing aerial perspectives in addition to the ground-level views offered by Knightscope’s existing ASR technologies. The collaboration aims to address various aspects of public safety, such as situational awareness, threat detection, and emergency response.

The combined technology is planned to be integrated with the Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC) user interface. This will potentially enable functionalities like programming drones to patrol specific areas, follow pre-determined routes, or be dispatched in response to alarms or incidents. The integration is designed to complement the ground-based operations of ASRs and other security devices, including Automated Gunshot Detection systems.

The collaboration between Knightscope and Draganfly reflects an ongoing trend in the security industry towards the integration of various autonomous technologies for enhanced surveillance and public safety. The partnership is positioned as a step towards evolving the capabilities of autonomous security solutions, combining ground and aerial surveillance for public safety purposes.

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