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Landing mishap in test of 700 kg military drone

by Marco van der Hoeven

Avilus, developing advanced military rescue robots, recently experienced a landing mishap involving one of its aircraft during a training exercise at Erding Airbase. After over a year of successful flights, the aircraft encountered unexpected behavior during a manual landing. This resulted in the aircraft flipping over upon touchdown. The aircraft remained confined within its designated flight area on the runway, and no injuries or damage to third-party property occurred.

In response, the local fire brigade was alerted but only needed to monitor the situation without intervening. Avilus stated, “After more than a year of successful flights, we had a landing mishap at Erding Airbase on the afternoon of the 30th of April 2024.” The company is currently analyzing all available data to identify the root cause of the failure and improve their protocols and procedures.

Avilus emphasized that as the second prototype of the Grille—a next-generation model featuring numerous technological advancements—nears completion, they plan to resume flight operations after incorporating lessons learned from this incident. Their initial assessment indicated that many key components of the prototype avionics were unharmed in the mishap.

Avilus acknowledged that setbacks are expected when pushing for rapid progress and testing the limits weekly. Despite this disappointment, the company remains committed to its vision of saving lives and understands that such challenges are part of the journey toward achieving this goal.

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