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Lung Analysis Platform uses AI

by Pieter Werner

Thirona and Pulmonx  are developing and commercializing solutions that help clinicians diagnose and treat emphysema patients through the Pulmonx StratX Lung Analysis Platform . StratX is a cloud-based quantitative CT analysis service that supports Zephyr Endobronchial Valve patient selection and treatment targeting by providing information on emphysema destruction, fissure completeness, and lobar volumes.

Zephyr Endobronchial Valve treatment is the most studied endobronchial valve and is clinically proven to improve patients’ lung function, exercise capacity and quality of life1-3. The partnership has allowed Pulmonx to provide customers with StratX CT scan analysis that leverages both artificial intelligence and analyst review to inform treatment decisions for severe emphysema patients. Thirona’s LungQ artificial intelligence (AI) engine, performs automated analytics of clinical data from lung CT scans.

AI-based software

The AI-based software enables precise identification and quantification of anatomical structures and disease-related abnormalities, in a multitude of lung and respiratory diseases. Thirona solutions have been validated in over 180 scientific publications and through analyzing more than 10 million imaging datasets.

“We believe that science should be used for the benefit of all people. LungQ is an ultimate demonstration of the value that artificial intelligence brings to precision medicine, allowing for much more effective and often lifesaving, personalized patient treatment. The partnership with Pulmonx is a great example of how our technology is enabling breakthroughs in treatment development and clinical care. We are very excited to continue working together,” says Eva van Rikxoort, founder and CEO of Thirona.

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