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Mindflow secures €5M for AI

by Pieter Werner

Mindflow, a company specializing in Cyber and IT operations automation through AI technology, recently secured €5 million in a seed funding round. This investment was led by Auriga Cyber Ventures, Nauta Capital, Thales, and Olivier Pomel, the Co-founder of Datadog. The funding signifies an important phase in Mindflow’s development, aiming to redefine cybersecurity and IT operations through AI-powered automation.

The company’s platform is gaining attention for its capacity to automate intricate processes. The integration of Gen-AI Large Action Models (LAMs) is particularly noteworthy, enhancing the platform’s potential significantly. William Lecat, Partner at Auriga Cyber Ventures, has expressed admiration for Mindflow’s platform, highlighting its exceptional ability to automate complex processes.

Mindflow’s approach is timely, as the IT and Cybersecurity landscape currently faces talent shortages and an increase in complex cyber alerts and tool usage. Gartner reports that large companies are now averaging 473 tools, marking a 26% annual increase. Consequently, there’s a significant demand for automating operations to reduce the burden of monotonous tasks on human intellect.

Mindflow offers an intuitive no-code automation and orchestration platform, easing the construction, adjustment, and monitoring of automation flows for both technical and non-technical users. Major companies like Auchan, Colas, Thales, Elior, and Doctolib are already using Mindflow for various automation purposes, including phishing detection, security incident response, and employee offboarding processes.

The recent funding will primarily support the expansion of Mindflow’s R&D team, focusing on advancing AI capabilities and enhancing the development of Large Action Models (LAMs). These models are designed to understand complex human goals expressed in natural language, translate these intentions into actionable steps, and respond in real time, significantly augmenting the platform’s ability to build autonomous AI agents capable of executing specific tasks under human supervision.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, Gen-AI will be a workforce partner for 90% of companies globally, marking a shift from machines as tools to machines as teammates. Mindflow is at the forefront of this evolution, offering a new “text-to-actions” experience, as explained by Fabrice Delhoste, Co-founder & CTO of Mindflow. This innovation allows users to simply prompt what they wish to accomplish, and the AI manages the tasks, integrating human approval for critical decisions while maintaining full auditability for transparency and compliance.

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