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Mobile Industrial Robots awarded Robotics Company of the Year  

by Pieter Werner

Mobile Industrial Robots has won the title ‘Robotics Company of the Year 2020’ – an award from Odense Robotics’ CEOs on Funen that pays homage to companies that have made an extraordinary contribution to the cluster within the past year. MiR won the award for its ’significant growth’ over two other strong finalists, Gibotech and UVD Robots.   

”It’s an honour to win the award ’Company of the Year’ from companies in the Odense Robotics cluster. In 2020, Mobile Industrial Robots has strengthened its competitiveness by expanding our product portfolio, so we can meet the growing demand for intelligent automation solutions. Today, we have a strong foundation for continued solid growth over the coming years. We are proud to be part of such a strong cluster and contribute towards Danish robotics technology creating value across the world,” said Søren E. Nielsen, President at Mobile Industrial Robots.

In March, the company launched MiR250, a flexible and compact mobile robot that can navigate easily and quickly in dynamic environments. In August, the company underwent a change in their executive leadership, whereby Søren E. Nielsen assumed the position of President after having been CTO for 2.5 years. And recently, MiR announced that they expect to grow by double-digits next year, with the pandemic creating a renewed focus on optimising operations amongst MiR’s customers.  As a result, MiR will now invest heavily in development by increasing the workforce by 10%, with new employees in Odense and abroad.

Strong finalists 

The award was presented today in Odense at a hybrid event, where CEOs from the cluster’s Funen-based companies were gathered.

The finalists have been nominated by the members of the CEO Network based on three criteria: extraordinary growth in a company/extraordinary potential in a startup, special contributions to the cluster and strategic leadership and adaptability during the Corona pandemic. The prize is sponsored by Nykredit Bank, who also sponsored the prize last year where Inwatec won the award.

”I am proud to present the award ‘Robotics Company of the Year 2020’ to Mobile Industrial Robots amidst such a strong group of finalists. MiR has made a unique contribution to the cluster this year by demonstrating strong growth and innovation at a time where the pandemic has created opportunities and challenges. MiR has a strong foundation for continuing their growth journey thanks to their strategic leadership and innovative product development. I am pleased to see that the other companies in the cluster acknowledge MiR’s extraordinary journey with this award,” said Lars Holm, Centre Director of Nykredit Bank in Odense.


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