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Movu shows warehouse robots

by Pieter Werner

Movu Robotics, a company under the stow Group and headquartered in Belgium, will showcase their automated warehouse systems at IntraLogisteX 2024. This event marks the first major promotional appearance for Movu’s technologies since the brand’s launch in September 2023. Movu Robotics specializes in plug-and-play warehouse systems designed to streamline operations and enhance workplace efficiency.

The exhibition will be held at the NEC Birmingham in March. Thomas Meyer-Jander, CMO of Movu Robotics, emphasized the significance of IntraLogisteX for the sector, citing the event as an optimal platform for unveiling their latest innovations. He highlighted the event’s role in providing companies with visibility, networking opportunities, market insights, and a competitive edge in the logistics and warehouse industry. Meyer-Jander underscored the importance of such events in driving progress in warehouse and logistics practices through knowledge sharing, exposure to new technologies, professional development, and compliance with regulations.

Movu Robotics’ commitment to logistics automation is centered around making these technologies more accessible, adhering to their ethos of leaving “No warehouse behind” in opportunities for automation. IntraLogisteX, with over 350 exhibitors, 60 conference sessions, and more than 8,000 attendees, served as an ideal platform for Movu Robotics to demonstrate their automation solutions, which are designed to optimize the use of warehouse space efficiently.

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