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Mujin Raises $85 Million in Series C Funding for Robotic Automation

by Pieter Werner

Mujin, a company specializing in intelligent robotics for manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain, has secured $85 million in its latest Series C funding round. The investment effort was spearheaded by Japan’s SBI Investment Co., Ltd. Other contributors include Silicon Valley’s Pegasus Tech Ventures, 7 Industries of the Netherlands, corporate investor Accenture, and angel investor Dr. James Kuffner.

The new capital is earmarked to increase the reach of Mujin’s intelligent robotics platform, known as MujinController, to integrators and end users. The goal is to allow these entities to develop innovative automation applications and drive additional innovation.

MujinController, central to Mujin’s product offering, enables industrial robots from diverse manufacturers to handle an extensive range of tasks in both manufacturing and logistics. The platform is designed to assist users in quickly creating and implementing advanced automation solutions, promising precise, safe, and dependable operation.

With a history spanning over 12 years, Mujin has established itself in the intelligent robotics sector, providing tools for professionals in industrial automation to develop groundbreaking robotic applications.

Commenting on the development, Dr. Ross Diankov, Mujin’s cofounder, stated, “The MujinController presents a distinct method for the development of robotics applications. It utilizes a real-time digital twin and provides perception, planning, and control algorithms. This allows for the digital representation of the physical world and the autonomous movement of robots and industrial equipment within it. Our objective is to refine the MujinController further and make it widely accessible.”

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