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My Jewellery Implements Warehouse Robots

by Marco van der Hoeven

My Jewellery, a Dutch business selling jewellery, fashion, and accessories, has collaborated with Geek+, provider of mobile robotics in order fulfilment, to incorporate the RoboShuttle solution in their warehouse operations.

To enhance the efficiency of their warehouse and provide an ergonomic work environment, My Jewellery will be integrating 22 RoboShuttle systems and 66 P40 picking solutions. This system aims to optimize space utilization and reduce the distance covered by warehouse staff during their tasks. Additionally, the new setup supports both B2B and B2C operations, aligning with the objectives of their Automated Mobile Robot (AMR) solution.

Sharon Hilgers, the founder of My Jewellery, commented on the importance of evolving business practices for sustainability, efficiency, and safety. She mentioned that with the help of solutions provided by Geek+, they aim to streamline their delivery process while conserving energy and enhancing warehouse safety.

Automation is increasingly recognized within the fashion industry as a tool to improve supply chain operations. Factors such as enhancing order picking efficiency, speeding up deliveries, and addressing challenges in returns operations have been attributed to the adoption of AMR solutions.

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