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Interview Neil Sahota: ‘Own the AI Revolution’

by Maaike Verschuren

Neil Sahota recently released the book Own the AI Revolution. In this book – which is specifically aimed at non-technically skilled business leaders – he helps his readers to recognize and seize the opportunities of AI.

Possibilities of AI

“A small part of the book is designed to explain what AI is,” said Sahota. “But otherwise it is mainly focused on empowerment and enablement.”

“It starts with the opportunity that arises from a problem. How do you define the problem? What drivers lie behind it? And then: does AI have the possibilities to achieve such a thing?”

Good things

According to Sahota There are more and more countries that realize that many public services can also greatly improve their services with the help of AI and therefore make much more use of it. “Over the next ten years, this will only bring more good things to people.”

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