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Criminals discover AI

by Maaike Verschuren

How can criminals use AI? And how can the police use AI to track down criminals? The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) is conducting research into this under the direction of Irakli Beridze.

According to Beridze, there are various examples in which the police work with predictions. “It’s still new and we see police worldwide learning about the benefits of AI.” It is also interesting for the police that AI can help identify criminals and terrorists in different settings.

How criminals use AI

Criminals also regularly use AI, according to Beridze. “We see that criminals are using AI in three different areas.” He first mentions digital crimes. “As cyber criminals increasingly use AI, attacks are becoming much more dangerous.” In addition, AI is also used for ‘physical offenses’. “We’re talking about robots and drones. Autonomous technology that can be used for terrorist attacks or other violence.” Finally, there are criminals who want to manipulate political processes, for example with fake videos. “We have already seen that the technology exists that elections can be manipulated.”

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