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NEON and Boston Dynamics Announce Partnership for ‘Robotic Storytelling’

by Pieter Werner

NEON Group, through its subsidiary ANIMAX, has announced a partnership with Boston Dynamics, initiating a project focused on integrating robotics into storytelling and educational experiences. This collaboration aims to combine the technological capabilities of Boston Dynamics with the creative expertise of NEON’s ANIMAX, a company known for creating themed experiences and managing global intellectual properties.

The alliance between NEON and Boston Dynamics is set to utilize robotics technology in crafting new forms of entertainment. This venture is expected to enhance NEON’s operational expansion and contribute to the development of new experiences in the entertainment sector.

ANIMAX, established in Nashville, Tennessee, brings over 30 years of industry experience to this partnership. The collaboration is anticipated to further research and development in the field of animatronics and robotics, potentially leading to innovations in these areas.

Welby Altidor, Group Chief Creative & Innovation Officer of NEON, commented on the partnership, emphasizing the goal of creating immersive narratives that closely integrate technology and audience engagement. Michael Mattox, Executive Vice President of ANIMAX, highlighted the union of craftsmanship and technology as a transformative element in the animatronics industry.

Marc Theermann, Chief Strategy Officer of Boston Dynamics, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, noting the potential for developing interactive entertainment robots that engage consumers in novel ways.

The partnership is expected to culminate in a reveal at the end of 2024, aiming to offer interactive and immersive storytelling experiences.

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