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New Doosan Cobot at Automate

by Pieter Werner

Doosan Robotics is set to introduce its new collaborative robot (cobot) with a 30 kg payload at Automate 2024.  The company will also showcase its range of cobots and advanced software solutions, including the Dart-Suite and AI technology, aimed at various applications such as machine tending, palletizing, welding, and food and beverage services.

At the event, Doosan Robotics will also highlight Dart-Suite, an advanced robot ecosystem that recently received a 2024 RBR50 Innovation Award. Dart-Suite is designed to enhance cobot functionality by allowing unlimited programmable motions and fostering a cohesive environment where components work synergistically.

Additionally, Doosan Robotics will present “Dr. Presso,” an unmanned modular café, and “Mixmaster Moodie,” a bartending cobot developed in collaboration with Microsoft’s OpenAI. This cobot utilizes Bridgestone’s “Tetote,” a soft robot hand, and employs a cocktail recommendation system. The company will also showcase its Training Kit, allowing users to practice with Doosan’s cobot training programs.

Doosan Robotics has collaborated with several companies to develop AI cobot solutions. These include Apex Motion Control’s Baker-Bot Quad, a modular cake decorating system, the Paltz De-palletizing System with vision technology from BeRobox and CMES, Ellison Technologies’ AutoPilot Machine Tending Solution, the Cloos ArcBot welding system, Hillside Automation’s CNCtender, and MARI AARS System for simplifying robotic automation system deployment, operation, and maintenance.

These collaborations are aimed at various sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, and service industries, enhancing task efficiency, safety, and innovation while integrating continuous learning capabilities in AI systems.

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