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OTTO Motors Launches Heavy-Duty AMR

by Pieter Werner

OTTO Motors announced the release of OTTO 1200, an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) geared for material handling in confined areas. This AMR has been designed to move payloads up to 1,200 kg (2,640 lb) with a focus on safety. With its patented adaptive fieldset technology, the OTTO 1200 can effectively maneuver around obstacles, including people, especially in areas with limited space.

Commenting on the release, Matt Rendall, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of OTTO Motors, emphasized the evolution of their AMRs. He pointed out that the OTTO 1200 was a result of in-depth customer feedback and aims to address the specific challenges of material handling within tight spaces. By adding OTTO 1200 to OTTO Motors’ existing fleet, manufacturers now have another option to cater to a variety of material handling requirements.

The OTTO 1200 is notable for its compact design, with a slender footprint of 910 mm. This allows it to transport materials efficiently in confined spaces. One of its standout features is the adaptive fieldset technology, which guarantees the AMR maintains optimal speed, even in crowded areas, without compromising on safety. The design also considers ease of maintenance. Drawing from years of field-service insights, the OTTO 1200 has been structured to ensure maximum uptime. Unique design elements, like rapid-access drawers, allow for swift maintenance tasks that can be performed by an individual.

Another noteworthy attribute of the OTTO 1200 is its resilience. Its sturdy, all-metal construction is rated at IP54, ensuring the AMR can resist both dust and water, making it suitable for demanding factory conditions. This durability is matched by its versatility, as the OTTO 1200 is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of workflows, be it moving payloads on pallets, racks, or bins.

Additionally, OTTO 1200 can seamlessly integrate with other OTTO AMRs, allowing manufacturers to realize comprehensive material handling automation. With its combination of reliability, productivity, and now, a more compact design, OTTO 1200 adds a new dimension to OTTO Motors’ AMR offerings.

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