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Nvidia invests in robot delivery company

by Pieter Werner

Chipmaker Nvidia is investing $10 million Serve Robotics, an Uber spin off. The last mile delivery-startup will use this to expand its sidewalk delivery robot service outside of the current locations where it operates, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Serve Robotics is an autonomous sidewalk delivery company. Its delivery robots were the first autonomous vehicles to complete commercial deliveries at Level 4 autonomy. This means Serve Robotics’ robots are able to operate routinely without human intervention, and can rely on their onboard capabilities to ensure safe operation.

Serve Robotics has since completed the first-ever delivery to occur at Level 4 autonomy, navigating fully autonomously in designated areas. The company’s robots are equipped with an extensive array of technologies for safety, by utilizing multiple layers of redundant systems for critical navigation functions. This includes multiple sensor modalities—active sensors such as lidar and ultrasonics, as well as passive sensors such as cameras—to navigate on busy city sidewalks.

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