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Nvidia second-largest publicly traded company in US

by Marco van der Hoeven

Nvidia has surpassed Apple to become the second-largest publicly traded company in the United States, following a surge in its market capitalization to $3.019 trillion. This development places Nvidia behind Microsoft, which has a market cap of $3.15 trillion. Nvidia’s share price increased by 5.2% to approximately $1,224.4 per share, contributing to a rise in the S&P 500 and Nasdaq indexes.

The company’s stock performance has been remarkable, with a 147% increase this year, following a 239% rise in 2023. In comparison, Apple shares have gained about 1.7% year-to-date. Nvidia has benefited significantly from the growing interest in artificial intelligence, holding approximately 70% of the AI semiconductor market.

Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, announced the upcoming release of the company’s most advanced AI chip platform, Rubin, set for 2026. This platform will succeed the Blackwell, introduced in March, which Nvidia described as the “world’s most powerful chip.”


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