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OKI Launches CoaXPress Cable for Robot Vision

by Pieter Werner

OKI Electric Cable has announced the development of a new High-Durability CoaXPress 2.0 Cable. This cable is designed to function as an interface for robot vision, an essential component in modern industrial robots. The company has set a sales commencement date for March 2024 and aims to achieve over 100 million yen in sales for the fiscal year 2025.

The CoaXPress Cable Series, first introduced in 2016 by OKI Electric Cable, has been a popular choice for machine vision systems in various applications such as mounters and inspection equipment. With the increasing integration of robot vision in industrial robots, where cameras act as the “eyes” to perform complex tasks, there has been a growing demand for cables capable of enduring repetitive bending and twisting movements while maintaining high-performance standards.

The CoaXPress 2.0 Cable comes in two variants: CXP12-1C-RA and CXP12-4C-RA. These have been engineered to accommodate the dynamic motions of industrial robots, with improved shield configurations that offer durability, withstanding up to 300,000 instances of bending and twisting. Additionally, these products are compliant with the CoaXPress 2.0 standard set by the Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA).

This standard enables the cable to support not only high-speed data transmission, but also communication, control, and power supply for the camera. The maximum transmission speeds of these cables are 12.5 Gbps for the CXP12-1C-RA, which supports a single lane, and 50 Gbps for the CXP12-4C-RA, supporting four lanes.

In line with this development, OKI Electric Cable emphasizes its commitment to furthering innovations in the field of interface cables, continuing to support the evolving needs of industrial robotics.

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