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Slip Robotics Wins Best New Innovation in the Supply Chain at MODEX 2024

by Pieter Werner

At MODEX 2024 Slip Robotics received the MHI Innovation Award for Best New Innovation. This recognition was for their SlipBot ALR (automated loading robot). The conference featured over 1,200 exhibitors and attracted around 48,000 attendees.

The MHI Innovation Awards highlight advancements in manufacturing and supply chain products and services. Among 193 entries, Slip Robotics stood out for introducing an unprecedented product in the market. The SlipBot ALR distinguishes itself as the sole system capable of automatically loading and unloading trucks within five minutes without the need for additional infrastructure. This innovation targets various sectors including last-mile freight, manufacturing, and middle-mile logistics.

Chris Smith, CEO of Slip Robotics, emphasized the significance of loading docks in operational efficiency, noting that their speed and throughput had not seen substantial improvements in over half a century. The introduction of SlipBots, according to Smith, represents a solution to these longstanding bottlenecks in dock operations.

Notable companies like John Deere, GE Appliances, Nissan, and Valeo have incorporated SlipBots into their operations. The benefits reported include a 300% increase in dock throughput, a 91% reduction in truck and trailer idle time, an 85% decrease in labor downtime costs, a 40% reduction in freight damage, and a 20% increase in overall facility output due to the liberation of productive space.

Jordan Sanders, Chief Commercial Officer, expressed gratitude for the recognition at MODEX 2024 and highlighted the interactive nature of their exhibition. Attendees at the event were able to personally operate the SlipBots, which were involved in loading and unloading approximately 4,790 pallets throughout the duration of the show.

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