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Press conference on AI, Gartner Keynote 2023

by Marco van der Hoeven

In this video, Mary Mesaglio, Distinguished Vice President with Gartner’s Digital Futures group on the CIO research team, summarizes the keynote she presented with Gabriela Vogel, Senior Director Executive Leadership at Gartner. She delves into the evolving dynamics of AI and its far-reaching implications for the future of business strategy and operations. Mesaglio outlines the dual aspects of AI—everyday and game-changing—and introduces the AI Opportunity Radar, a strategic tool to help leaders navigate this complex landscape.

These insights into AI-ready principles, data, and security provide a roadmap for organizations to approach AI integration thoughtfully and ethically. Watch as Mesaglio addresses the pressing issues at the intersection of technology and governance, and provides guidance for CIOs and industry leaders charting the course through the AI revolution.

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