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Pudu Robotics Integrates Robot with Elevator in Japan

by Marco van der Hoeven

In a pioneering project in Japan, Pudu Robotics has collaborated with Nippon Otis Elevator Company to integrate its delivery robot, “FlashBot”, with elevators, allowing automated inter-floor deliveries. This significant technological breakthrough allows FlashBot to operate elevators autonomously, navigating between floors to complete deliveries without the need for human intervention.

FlashBot is a robotic innovation designed by Pudu Robotics to augment digital management and service delivery within hotels and offices. It became available globally in 2021. The integration project deployed Otis Integrated Dispatch™ technology to facilitate cloud integration between the robot and elevators.

The process involved scrutinizing and understanding the differences in protocols across various elevators and adapting the technology to be compatible with diverse environments. By achieving this seamless integration, FlashBot can navigate and operate elevators, allowing for efficient service delivery within multi-storied buildings, enhancing the experiences of employees and customers alike.

In addition to this, FlashBot is equipped with intelligent functionality, enabling flexible obstacle avoidance and providing attentive service. These capabilities enhance robot management and service delivery in hotels and offices, contributing to improved overall experiences for employees and customers.

Otis Integrated Dispatch technology is a specialized Application Programming Interface (API) developed to foster integration with a broad range of autonomous service robots. This technology enables robots to communicate and interface seamlessly with elevators through either cloud or local connections, offering a more flexible and scalable solution compared to traditional hard-wired integrations.

Otis’s technology operates at the elevator group or bank level, allowing the incorporation of robots from various providers and different robot models. This capability permits multiple elevators to be available for robot use, improving operational efficiency by enabling more flexible adaptation and expansion of robotic integration.

This successful integration of FlashBot with elevators in Japan marks a crucial step forward in resolving technical barriers faced by robots in multi-story environments, laying a foundation for further advancements in autonomous robotic technology and its applications in diverse settings such as hotels and offices.

This collaboration between Pudu Robotics and Nippon Otis Elevator Company is indicative of the potential for synergistic developments in the field of robotics and elevator technology, and it represents a significant stride in enhancing the possibilities of automated service delivery in vertical environments.

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