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Adidas Opens Robotized Distribution Center

by Marco van der Hoeven

Geek+, a company specializing in robotic solutions for logistics, and Adidas have recently collaborated to build a new automated distribution center located in Suzhou, China. This operation relies heavily on the use of logistics robots to process over one million pieces a day.

The newly established center is expansive, spreading across 139,000 square meters and is distinguished by its fully automated warehousing and distribution capabilities. The facility is designed to process over one million pieces per day and has the capability to store ten million pieces of apparel and footwear. This high-capacity operation is aimed at setting new benchmarks in the logistics sector with its advanced speed and flexibility.

The project was initiated to resolve various logistic challenges encountered by Adidas, focusing on improvements in item location detection and ensuring substantial enhancements in operational safety. This aligned well with the requirements for effective human-machine collaboration, enabling optimal interaction between workers and robotic solutions.

Geek+’s logistics robots have also contributed to improvements in robot handling efficiency by employing intelligent scheduling logic, enhancing overall operational efficacy, and providing a better working environment for logistics center employees, potentially contributing to increased worker retention.

Harm Ohlmeyer, Global Chief Financial Officer of Adidas, conveyed that the establishment of this center is part of Adidas’ strategy to enhance supply chain responsiveness and operational efficiency, aiming to refine consumer experience. He expressed hope that the advancements in logistics will offer invaluable insights as Adidas continues to expand globally.

Yong Zheng, the Founder and CEO of Geek+, articulated his company’s pleasure in supporting Adidas in augmenting warehouse logistics flexibility to ultimately refine the consumer experience. He mentioned that this inauguration is a crucial milestone in the partnership between Geek+ and Adidas and represents substantial innovation within the industry.

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