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Robot Chef Enters the U.S. Market with Sodexo Partnership

by Pieter Werner

Food tech company SavorEat has announced its collaboration with food services and facilities management company Sodexo, , to introduce the SavorEat Robot Chef in the U.S. market. The Robot Chef, which uses machine learning and AI, is designed to assist restaurants by providing a streamlined production process.

Its main feature is its ability to reduce waste through the preparation of personalized patties, generating only the required amount of plant-based meat as per demand. To facilitate customization for diners, a dedicated web application has been developed where customers can specify their protein and fat content and choose their cooking methods for their plant-based meals. This data, once provided by the diners, is stored in a cloud system which then instructs the Robot Chef. The Robot Chef can produce a patty in as little as three minutes.

SavorEat’s Robot Chef will be deployed to serve plant-based burgers in dining halls at both the University of Colorado and the University of Denver. The University of Denver will be introducing the SavorEat platform to students this September at the Rebecca Chopp Grand Central Market. The University of Colorado at Denver’s Eat Food Market plans to follow suit in 2024.

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