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Robot Tally employed in 60 US shops

by Pieter Werner

SpartanNash, a food solutions company listed on the Nasdaq as SPTN, has recently announced its decision to deploy Simbe’s autonomous inventory robot, Tally, in an additional 60 stores throughout the Midwest. This move is part of the company’s ongoing effort to integrate technology into its operations, aiming to improve both the experience of store guests and employees.

The decision follows a successful pilot program where Tally was tested in 15 stores. According to Tom Swanson, SpartanNash’s Executive Vice President of Corporate Retail, the expansion of Tally’s use is driven by the positive impact it has had on inventory management. The technology enables store associates to focus more on customer service by reducing the time spent on tracking inventory. Tally provides real-time data on stock levels, ensuring products are readily available, fresh, and competitively priced.

Simbe’s Store Intelligence platform, which Tally is a part of, offers real-time inventory insights. This technology is instrumental in guiding product stocking, ordering, and merchandising decisions, as well as streamlining e-commerce fulfillment. It ensures product availability with accurate location and pricing information, thereby enhancing the shopping experience for customers. This deployment is in line with SpartanNash’s commitment to customer-focused innovation, following other technology investments like Upshop Magicâ„¢ and Flashfood.

Brad Bogolea, CEO of Simbe, commented on the partnership, noting SpartanNash’s proactive approach to adopting innovative technologies. He emphasized the importance of accurate data in the dynamic retail environment and praised the company’s efforts to enhance operations and customer service through technological solutions. The expansion of the Tally program is seen as a significant step in the growing partnership between SpartanNash and Simbe.


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