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ArcBest launches AMR-solution

by Pieter Werner

ArcBest has unveiled Vaux Smart Autonomy, an addition to its Vaux suite. This new technology is designed to enhance material handling in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities through a combination of autonomous mobile robot (AMR) forklifts, intelligent software, and remote teleoperation capabilities.

Vaux Smart Autonomy is an extension of ArcBest’s Vaux Freight Movement System for freight handling. The technology behind Vaux Smart Autonomy is designed to improve safety and efficiency in material handling. It integrates with existing facilities and workflows, and is capable of operating autonomously, remotely, or manually. They are equipped with software, sensors, and cameras for safe navigation and task execution in warehouse environments. Features include dimensioning, 2D barcoding, and a teleoperator center for remote monitoring and intervention.

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