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Robotics boost society and economy in Odense

‘Employment of more than 4,600 people and the foundation of over 130 companies’

by Marco van der Hoeven

At the beginning of the European Robotic Forum 2023 the mayor of Odense, Peter Rahbæk Juel, highlighted the impact the robotics industry has had on his community. At a reception in Odense City Hall he said that the robotics cluster gives employment to 4,600 people, and already comprises an ecosystem of 130 companies.

Odense has become one of the world’s leading robotics clusters. Mayor Peter Rahbæk Juel credited the success to the collaboration between local enterprises, the University of Southern Denmark, and the Municipality of Odense. He highlighted that the robotics industry has become one of the densest clusters in the world, and the city is now competing with renowned areas such as Silicon Valley, Boston, and Munich.

The Mayor emphasized that the success would not have been possible without the University of Southern Denmark’s commitment, which provides a foundation for the robotics ecosystem with world-class researchers and innovative bright minds. He added that Odense Robotics was quick to build a strong and resilient framework, providing start-ups with the support and structure needed to grow.


The robotics cluster has led to the employment of more than 4,600 people and the foundation of over 130 companies, including industry giants like Universal Robots. The company recently signed up its one-thousandth employee and is building the world’s largest hub for collaborative robots. The ecosystem is also sprouting with innovative start-ups creating solutions and technologies of the future.

The city of Odense is heavily investing in creating a framework for the cluster and future generations. The Mayor announced the opening of a new elementary school, which he aims to make the best robotics school worldwide. The school will involve close partnerships with leading local robot companies to ensure high standards.


He envisioned a future where collaborative robots work in perfect synchrony with humans in manufacturing, enabling every employee to do much more in a shorter time. Healthcare robots will become an integral part of any hospital by automating tasks and freeing up healthcare workers. Collaborative robots will help increase the employee’s value in the labor market and mitigate the challenge of the continued shrinking of the labor force.

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