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Rockwell acquires Clearpath Robotics

by Pieter Werner

Rockwell Automation has completed its acquisition of Ontario, Canada-based Clearpath Robotics, a company specialized in autonomous robotics. This acquisition, which was announced today, encompasses both Clearpath Robotics’ research division, known for its development of autonomous technology, and its industrial division, OTTO Motors, which produces autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for industrial use. Both divisions will now operate under Rockwell’s Intelligent Devices segment.

Blake Moret, Chairman and CEO of Rockwell Automation, expressed the company’s commitment to enhancing material handling within manufacturing through an end-to-end production logistics solution, provided by the integration of Clearpath Robotics and OTTO Motors into their operations. The acquisition is poised to influence productivity and safety enhancements across manufacturing operations, as showcased in the upcoming Automation Fair in Boston.

Industry analysis by Interact Analysis predicts a significant growth in the AMR market within manufacturing, projecting an annual growth rate of about 30% over the next five years, potentially reaching a market size of $6.2 billion by 2027. This acquisition is anticipated to contribute to Rockwell’s revenue growth for the fiscal year 2024. Amar Mehta, EY Americas Strategy and Transactions Advanced Manufacturing Leader, noted that AMRs play a crucial role in achieving autonomous production logistics, thus driving substantial value for manufacturers and their customers. Rockwell aims to leverage its enhanced capabilities in hardware, software, and services to support manufacturers in achieving comprehensive digital transformation in their production processes.

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