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Sanctuary AI Expands Robot Footprint in Automotive Manufacturing

by Marco van der Hoeven

Sanctuary AI, developing ‘human-like intelligence’ in robots, has entered into a strategic partnership with Magnat o deploy general purpose AI robots within Magna’s automotive manufacturing operations. The collaboration includes a comprehensive evaluation aimed at enhancing the cost-effectiveness and scalability of these robots by leveraging Magna’s extensive automotive product portfolio, alongside its engineering and manufacturing expertise. Additionally, Magna has made a strategic equity investment in Sanctuary AI.

This partnership aims to facilitate the broader application of Sanctuary AI’s robots within automotive manufacturing processes. Magna, one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers and a major purchaser of industrial robots, seeks to capitalize on the capabilities of Sanctuary AI’s robots to improve manufacturing efficiencies across its operations.

Sanctuary AI has introduced several advanced technologies, such as its Phoenix robot, noted for its human-like dexterity and speed in sorting mechanical parts. The company also developed Carbon, an AI control system, and holds key patents in areas such as visual and tactile servoing, language model integration, and AI training.

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