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Video: Teqram wins ABB Robotics Award

by Marco van der Hoeven

Dutch automation company Teqram has been recognized at the European Value Provider Awards, which will be presented by ABB Robotics on June 3 at Robotics Connect in Stockholm, Sweden. The company won in the ‘Most Innovative Solution’ category for its development of the EasyGrinder, an autonomous robot designed to enhance the finishing processes for plasma and autogenously cut sheet metal parts.

The EasyGrinder eliminates the need for manual programming or teaching, integrating Teqram’s patented EasyEye 3D vision sensor with intelligent robot control. This integration enables ABB robots to operate autonomously, capable of recognizing pallets, stacks, and product geometries. The robot system autonomously selects, positions, and changes tools and grippers required for operations like grinding and deburring on various sheet metal products.

The award-winning technology is showcased in this video featuring its application at Ancofer Stahlhandel, demonstrating the autonomous capabilities of the EasyGrinder in a real-world industrial setting.

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