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Sarcos Robotics Renames to Palladyne AI

Change symbolizes strategic pivot towards AI and ML for robotic systems

by Marco van der Hoeven

Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation yesterday announced its rebranding to Palladyne AI Corp. The shift in brand identity, set to reflect in the NASDAQ ticker symbol change to PDYN, symbolizes the company’s strategic pivot towards specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning software for robotic systems. This development represents a transition from Sarcos’ traditional focus on physical robotics to a more software-centric approach.

Palladyne AI aims to equip robots with advanced AI software, enabling them to observe, learn, reason, and act in a manner similar to human intelligence. Ben Wolff, President and CEO, articulated the company’s vision of enhancing robot versatility, reducing training time, and decreasing the power required for AI processing. This new direction is seen as a substantial advancement in robotic intelligence, building upon Sarcos’ three-decade legacy in innovative robotics, including humanoid robots and powered exoskeletons.

Despite the rebranding, the company’s defense sector will retain the Sarcos name, capitalizing on its established reputation in this field. The company expressed gratitude for the continued support from its customers, employees, and partners during this transition.

Palladyne AI Corp.’s focus on software development is targeted at revolutionizing the capabilities of robotic systems. Its AI and machine learning platform is designed to empower robots to adapt to real-world variations, enabling autonomous maneuvers and object manipulation with precision. The company anticipates its software will reduce the efforts traditionally required to program and deploy robots. This technology is expected to benefit various industries, including automotive, aviation, construction, and logistics, and has potential applications in unmanned aerial, ground, and remotely operated vehicles.

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