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2021: The next step in automation

Breakthrough of the digital employee

by Marco van der Hoeven

Whether we are talking about RPA, software robots or automation, the underlying technology has entered the next phase for many organizations. While there are still organizations building their first digital employees, there are more and more cases where the first pilot-built robots become part of an effective digital workforce. This year at Rocking Robots we have have documented several cases that show how RPA has evolved.

“Robotic Scale requires that the data are correct and also that the processes are standardised”

Case: RPA fights tedium and burn-out

Case RPA in finance: 20 robots running on 137 processes

Case: RPA improves productivity and customer experience at Santam

Case: ‘Robots improve the work-life balance of our employees’.

Case Volvo Cars: A global model for RPA


Case: Robot reduces process time for 40.000 insurance claims every year







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