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Scott Harris Invests in Flexxbotics

by Pieter Werner

Flexxbotics, a company specializing in workcell digitalization for robot-driven manufacturing, announced a new phase of investment and guidance from Scott Harris, who is recognized for his co-founding roles at SOLIDWORKS and Onshape. This development is expected to contribute significantly to Flexxbotics’ advancements in the field of smart factory robotic manufacturing.

Based in Boston, MA, Flexxbotics has been instrumental in advancing autonomous process control within the realm of next-generation machining environments, utilizing robotics. The company offers software as a service (SaaS) and hybrid solutions, primarily through its technology, FlexxCORE™. This technology is designed to integrate and manage robots in coordination with existing automation equipment, IT systems, and workforce, aiming to optimize robot utilization in complex production scenarios.

Scott Harris, with his extensive background in computer-aided design and manufacturing software, brings a wealth of experience to Flexxbotics. His previous ventures, SOLIDWORKS and Onshape, achieved significant milestones, including acquisitions by Dassault Systèmes and PTC, respectively. His track record demonstrates a capability in spearheading technological advancements and industry transformations. Harris’s investment and mentorship are expected to bolster Flexxbotics’ innovative approach in orchestrating robotics and equipment within smart manufacturing settings.

Regarding the partnership, Scott Harris commented on Flexxbotics’ leading role in the evolving manufacturing sector, highlighting the company’s unique capability to adapt robotic performance based on real-time feedback. Harris expressed enthusiasm about contributing to Flexxbotics’ mission to redefine collaborative processes between robots and industrial machines in manufacturing.

The involvement of Scott Harris is anticipated to accelerate Flexxbotics’ research and development initiatives, enhance its product range, and widen its market reach. This collaboration aims to not only reinforce Flexxbotics’ leadership in manufacturing robotics but also to introduce new ideas and solutions in the dynamic field of manufacturing automation.

Tyler Bouchard, Co-founder and CEO of Flexxbotics, acknowledged the value of having Scott Harris as an investor and advisor. Bouchard emphasized Harris’s deep understanding of manufacturing software solutions as a critical asset in their continued efforts to innovate in robotics and manufacturing technology. This partnership signifies a joint effort to advance the benefits of robotic automation in smart factory environments.

Flexxbotics is positioning itself to further establish its role as a leader in the manufacturing robotics sector. The company’s focus on integrating robot-driven manufacturing effectively aligns with the evolving demands of Industry 4.0 digitalization, potentially transforming operational methodologies within the industry.

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