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US hospitals Deploys Cleaning Robot

by Pieter Werner

CenoBots has announced its collaboration with UHS, a San Antonio-based hospital system, for the deployment of cleaning robots. This initiative also involves Hellogard Robotics, marking a collaboration in the field of healthcare facility maintenance. This strategic partnership aims to enhance the experience of visitors and patients while providing an innovative tool to assist the UHS EVS team in maintaining their extensive facilities.

David Harris from UHS shared his experience with the CenoBots cleaning robots, highlighting their effectiveness in maintaining cleaning standards in the hospital’s high-traffic areas. He noted the user-friendliness and efficiency of the robots, which have been able to meet the demanding cleaning requirements of the hospital’s various floor types and large square footage, constantly traversed by numerous individuals.

According to Harris, the robots have not only managed to keep up with the hospital’s cleaning demands but have also contributed positively to the staff and visitors’ experience. He emphasized the significant impact of this technological investment on the hospital’s operations and highly recommended CenoBots for their service.

Additionally, Harris commended CenoBots for their exceptional customer service. He mentioned their prompt responsiveness to calls and messages, whether addressing minor inquiries or fulfilling major requests, and their consistent follow-through.

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