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Segway presents robotportfolio

by Pieter Werner

At CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Segway-Ninebot unveiled a diverse range of robotics solutions. The presentation featured the Nova Carter AMR, an autonomous robotics development platform, as well as several specialized robots intended for consumer and commercial use, including lawn care, restaurant, and hotel services.

The Nova Carter is a platform utilizing the NVIDIA Isaac Nova Orin compute and sensor platform, tailored for the development of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Its focus is on advancing the perception abilities of mobile robots, enabling them to operate effectively in dynamic and unstructured environments alongside humans. This capability is achieved through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and accelerated computing. Nova Carter is not just a tool for development but also a pathway towards scalable and reliable robotic innovations across various sectors.

In addition to the development platform, Segway introduced practical robotic applications at CES 2024. These include the restaurant delivery robot S1 and the outdoor delivery robot D2, designed to enhance operational efficiency in the food service and hotel industries, respectively. Another notable introduction is the Navimow, an autonomous, AI-powered smart lawn mower, offering a new level of precision and convenience in lawn maintenance.

Segway’s strategy involves not only the development of products but also ensuring their scalability for mass-market adoption. This approach is grounded in leveraging supply chain advantages to design, build, and reliably scale new products. The focus is on creating solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also practical, reliable, and affordable for widespread use.

Tony Ho, VP of Business Development at Segway Robotics, emphasized the company’s commitment to developing solutions that address real-world problems and enhance industry efficiency while reducing labor costs. He highlighted the collaborative nature of their innovation process, as exemplified by the partnership with NVIDIA in developing Nova Carter. Ho’s statement reflects Segway’s openness to collaborations within the robotics ecosystem, aiming to accelerate the development and adoption of advanced robotic technologies in the mass market.

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