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Seniorcare robot uses ChatGPT

by Pieter Werner

Amidst the growing interest in OpenAI’s conversation artificial intelligence (AI) service ChatGPT and what it is capable of in the future, an AI specialist company named Wonderful Platform based in South Korea is showcasing various robots incorporating ChatGPT services.

After the educational e-learning robot ‘Coding-K’, Wonderful Platform announced that they will provide the ‘Dasom-K’ (‘Avadin’ for US clients) which applies ChatGPT to AI care and companion robots for single living elderly in March.

Wonderful Platform signed a contract with OpenAI early last year and began developing services using GPT3.0 implemented to their companion robots. This is the 1st company in Korea and globally to offer ChatGPT service robots by applying the conversational GPT3.0 into hardware devices servicing seniors in healthcare.

When the GPT3.0 is adapted to the robots, it uses conversational AI to collect life log data such as sleep times, activity times, health status by asking active questions to obtain data from the seniors. Basic functions include medication reminders, music playback, health diagnostics with 3rd party applications and devices, video calls with family or guardians and emergency call functions to call family, guardians and even emergency services such as 911. If ChatGPT is implemented, then the conversational AI would be much more human-like for seniors to interact with the robot.

Having supplied more than 10,000 AI care robots to over 80 Korean government social welfare departments and healthcare centers in Korea, Wonderful Platform plans to be the norm for healthcare for seniors where Avadin can be the guardian for vulnerable elderly groups. Additionally, services will expand with combining the robots with health related devices such as blood glucose and pressure monitors as well as all wearables to collect senior health data for analysis.

Wonderful Platform’s US subsidiary has been supplying to the US with the GPT3.0 added to B2B, B2C customers as a testbed and will be promoting global expansion of AI care robot services in the future. ChatGPT and GPT3.5 will also be added to the robot platform to cater more seniors with specific functions seniors need.


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