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Sensory Recommendation with AI Technology

by Pieter Werner

Aromyx, a sensory science and data company that biologically replicates the human senses of taste and smell, has announced its consumer-facing product recommendation AI technology.

This technology suggests food, beverage, or fragrance products for consumers based on how a product’s taste or smell matches an individual’s own taste and smell affinities. It identifies the products that a consumer views positively or negatively, and matches them with profiled products that best meet their personal preferences.

Unlike other recommendation algorithms, Aromyx claims its technology is based on human biological responses to taste and smell and AI, not mere inferences based on other people’s purchasing behavior. This allows for personalized recommendations that are the basis for nuanced product comparisons and selections.

Aromyx conducts lab screening and analysis to objectively measure how a product’s taste or smell would be perceived by the customers’ target audience. Using the laboratory and data analysis results, Aromyx builds a custom consumer-facing interface to access the customers’ extensive product profile database that they then use to query shoppers in search of recommendations for products they will love.

The interface queries consumers. Whether in-person or online, shoppers answer a series of questions about their taste and scent preferences. Their responses provide the basis for the product recommendations.

Image: Aromyx

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